8 New York City Travel Tips with 3-day The New York Pass by Go City

By Tripfix

The United States is a country that has alone given to us writing greats such as Mark Twain and Stephen King, documentaries such as Oscar-winning Mel Gibson, and the most significant Hollywood directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, besides a caped superheroine known as Superman and the saviors in Wonder Woman, Transformers. I once thought of moving to New York City (NYC) for work as early as my mid-twenties. What touched the American chord in me? As I look back,

I can certainly blame it on my undiluted consumption of all things American. My first brushes with foreign culture were probably made through Disney cartoons, fast-food imports KFC and McDonalds, music industry stars Michael Jackson and Madonna, and later on, such classic movies as When Harry Met Sally that gave rise to fabulous musicals bound up with that fantastic country. I, too, have spent hours of my early twenties binging on seasons of Sex and The City and Gossip Girl, becoming inspired by their wardrobes.

As with so many wide-eyed immigrants and tourists, NYC possesses an appeal that continues to compete well against other large cities. I had a chance to live my American dream during my first trip to New York City just a few months before the 2020 world pandemic hit. However, a trip to NYC demands deep pockets, especially with our Karaputi. Continue reading through the article to learn more about the prisoners’ “destination” and get some top travel tips perfect for stretching your long dollar in NYC, sightseeing, lodging, and making your trip to NYC a safe, enjoyable journey. Even better, the Go City package saves you more as you can opt for over 100 Go City attractions. Continue reading to learn how.

However, I have a glimpse of how much you might be able to save through a 3-day The New York Pass by Go City.

3-day The New York Pass by Go City
We base our savings calculation on the price of the New York Pass compared to above-normal ticket values; the last update was done on April 1st, 2023.

New York City travel tip 1: Ride the Big Bus and sample the main sights

Whopping parking costs and traffic in NYC make driving around no fun. Not to speak of those walking enthusiasts – NYC’s size can scare you. The most recommended mode of travel is using public means. From every point you can see, Aavantika, Big Bus takes you through highlights of the City and saves you tired legs at the end of the day with energy still left for a Broadway show or dinner.

big bus new york
big bus new york

New York City travel tip 2: New York Pass – Save Big with Go City.

The City has four observation decks, which are a must-do. Each of them offers different vantage views and, thus, different experiences. All Day Access Pass – 4 Decks, Morning One World Observatory Access by Day and Night” with an All-Inclusive Pass or 4-Choice+ Explorer Pass! Get more out of your trip and pay less – save up to 50% per attraction with Go City’s “See More, Pay Less” packages! Could you find out how it works here?

New York City travel tip

New York City travel tip 3: Buy your attraction tickets online ahead of time

In an immigrant city, you will always be approached by foreign touts and hawkers waving “official representative” badges near scenic spots and begin selling you tickets at lower prices or assist you in jumping the queue. Even if they offer you silly cheap tickets, ignore them. Remember this: If a promise sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Buying tickets at the gate has its side effects- time-consuming and apprehensive. You can also try going online, and Go City has a money-saving package that funds discounts or two – why not?

New York City travel tip 4: Reserve your tickets in advance

With such a vibrant city as New York, the mass influx of tourists will never stop. As a result, always try to make your reservation in advance to avoid possible disappointment. Have a pass or order reference number for some reservations to ensure your booking is successful! For the booking information, refer to Go City’s reservations page and the individual attraction pages on their website and app.

You cannot say you have been to NYC if you have not visited places like the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island Ferry, among others. Some attractions remain popular for a reason and may involve long wait times: Reservations are not required for Top of the Rock Observation Deck, One World Observatory, Best of NYC Cruise by Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, or Liberty Super Express Cruise. Stay clear of the school holidays or public holidays.

Statue of Liberty

9/11 Memorial & Museum

New York City travel tip 5: Staying safe

Like any visit to a foreign country, it is always advisable to be very careful, particularly when venturing outside at night. A rule of thumb to staying safe in NYC: Stay near main streets and busy paths and ensure you do not let your property leave your sight. Obey the traffic signals and watch out for cars, skateboarders, and bikers. One of the things that makes you a tourist, or even worse, a lost tourist, is when your eyes are constantly glued to your smartphone, looking for the correct direction or identifying where a shop is. However, it helps to plan your path before leaving—and follow it. Such apps include the Google Maps app, Citymapper, which allows you to plan your subway route, and Go City’s app; you download and scan it at any of the 100-plus attractions.

New York City travel tip 6: Get In Good Physical Shape Ahead Of Trip

During my trip in 2019, I have fondest memories of visiting The Vessel at Hudson Yards, which opened only two months before my visit in May 2019 and cost a staggering US$200m to build. Housing 154 interconnecting sets of stairs that span for over 150 feet, the Hudson Yard vessel is Manhattan’s new skyscraper centerpiece that captures the City’s industrial past and is erected on a piece of land whose valuations are considered to be among the most expensive on US history. Of course, you can take the elevators if you cannot climb the staircases, but why lose a fantastic industrial view and fresh wind on your face?

Top of the High Line and Hudson Yards
Top of the High Line and Hudson Yards

New York City travel tip 7: Feast on The City’s Culture and Artsy Side

Go through the artsy side of NYC, from hitting museums to seeing Broadway. Stop by the American Museum of Natural History structure popularized by Robin Williams in the movie Night at the Museum. Visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY’s icon and one of its most visited museums, to learn about every facet of natural science under one roof or see the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s grand spiral stairs – an impressive architectural masterpiece offering the world’s best collection of modern art.The NYC TV & Movie Bus tour, Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour, Central Park TV & Movie Sites Walking Tour, and Broadway and Times Square Tour are good examples of the insights offered to Broadway fans, movie fanatics, and pop vultures at Playbill’s Backstage Tours. Expect to pay a fee if you decide to take photos with look-alike celebrities wanting to have pictures with you. Warn your children before getting it to turn into their favorite cartoon or Marvel characters. Free lunch is a myth.

American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History

New York City travel tip 8: Discover New York City Foods and Drinks Done Right.

NYC, having the melting pot of different nationalities, allows tasting various cultures and food. Therefore, you should ensure that you visit one or more of these food attraction places and check out something beyond the typical pizza. When a lecturer has lunch cooked per the destination’s requirements and tastes, it allows better knowledge of the city’s nuances.

Try these food tours available on Go City: enroll for the Go City Food On Foot Tours, Be Part of the Experience Spirits On Foot – Beer, Spirits & Wine Crawl with Go City, taste your way around NYC’s most diverse borough – Queens-Flushing Meadows International Food Excursion, explore how immigrants to America shaped New York City through their cuisine with Tastes of the Lower East Side Walking Tour or experience vibrant live jazz scene outside premier concert halls visited by locals while sipping wines in cool night zones during Greenwich Village at Night Walking Tour.